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Earliest Multi cellular life? Now they say 1.5 Billion years

Earlier. Evolutionist are at it again trying to counter the Cambrian explosion embarrassment. Click here to read more

These are some of the great videos on science that expose the lies of evolution and naturalism on which it stands. The Phillip Johnson videos show why I love his work, just  listen and you will learn why atheist evolutionists dislike him so much. Dr. Carl Werner, whose “Evolution the Grand Experiment” book and video series are fantastic, here explain why you can’t blindly trust what evolutionists say about the fossils.

Also below are more very Important video about the homosexual agenda that you must see. While we love all homosexuals, we are not required to give them a pass on the evils they do or the deceptions they are guilty of. This is not hate, and all who claim it is are also deceivers

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